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Acronimi e Abbreviazioni
Abbreviazione     Acronimo
---     ---
ANSI     American National Standard Institute
API     Application Programming Interface
ARPA     Advanced Research Projects Agency
ASCII     American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ATM     Asynchronous Tranfer Mode
AV     Audio Video
BASIC     Beginner's All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BBS     Bulletin Board System
BIOS     Basic Input Output System
Bit     Binary digit
CAD     Computer Aided Design
CAE     Computer Aided Engeneering
CAM     Computer Aided Manufacturing
CASE     Computer Aided Software Engeneering
CBT     Computer Based Training
CD-R     Compact Disk - Recordable
CD-ROM     Compact Disk - Read Only Memory
CGI     Common Gateway Interface
CISC     Complex Instruction Set Computer
CMOS     Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
CORBA     Common Request Broker Architetture
DBMS     Data Base Menagement System
DDE     Dynamic Data Exchange
DDL     Dynamic Link Library
DMA     Direct Memory Access
DOS     Disk Operating System
dpi     dots per inch
DRAM     Dynamic Random Access Memory
DSS     Decision Support System
DTP     Desk Top Publishing
DVD     Digital Video Disk
DWF     Drawing Web Format
EISA     Extended Industry Standard Achitetture
EPROM     Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EPS     Encapsulated Post Script
FAQ     Frequently Asked Questions
FDDI     Fibre Distribuited Data Interface
FTP     File Transfer Protocol
GDI     Graphics Device Interface
GIF     Graphics Interchange Format
GUI     Graphical User Interface
HDL     Hardware Description Language
HTML     Hyper Text Mark-up Language
HTTP     Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
IBM     International Business Machine
IDE     Integrated Development Environment
I/O     Input / Output
IP     Internet Protocol
IPNG     Internet Protocol Next Generation
IRC     Internet Relay Chat
ISA     Industry Standard Architetture
ISAPI     Internet Server Application Programming Interface
ISDN     Integrated Services Digital Network
ISO / OSI     International Standards Organization / Open Systems Interconnection
ISP     Internet Service Provider
IT     Information Technology
JDK     Java Developer's Kit
JPEG     Joint Photographic Experts Group
KB     Kilo Byte
LAN     Local Area Network
LCD     Liquid Crystal Display
LED     Light Emission Diode
MAPI     Messaging Applications Programming Interface
MB     Mega Byte
MCF     Microsoft Foundation Classes
MIDI     Musical Instruments Digital Interface
MIME     Multipourpose Internet Mail Extension
MPEG     Moving Picture Experts Group
NC     Network Computer
NCSA     National Center for Supercomputing Applications
NCSA     National Computing Security Agency
NFS     Network File System
NT     New Technology
OCR     Optical Character Recognition
OCX     Ole Control Extension
OLAP     On Line Analytical Processing
OLE     Object Linking Embedding
OLTP     On LineTransaction Processing
OSF     Open Software Foundation
PCI     Peripheral Component Interconnect
PCMCIA     Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
PDA     Personal Digital Assistant
PDF     Portable Do*****ent Format
PGP     Pretty Good Privacy
POP     Point Of Presence
PPP     Point to Point Protocol
Q&R     Query & Reporting
RAID     Redudant Array Independent Disks
RAM     Random Access Memory
RISC     Reduced Instruction Set Computer
ROM     Read Only Memory
RTF     Rich Text Format
SCSI     Small Computer System Interface
SDK     Software Developer's Kit
SGML     Standard Generalized Mark-up Language
SIMM     Single In-line Memory Module
SLIP     Serial Line Internet Protocol
SMTP     Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SNA     System Network Architetture
SOHO     Small Office Home Office
SQL     Structured Query Language
SRAM     Static Random Access Memory
SVGA     Super Video Graphics Array
TCP/IP     Transer Control Protocol / Internet (Internal) Protocol
TIFF     Tagged Imagine File Format
URL     Uniform Resource Locator
VBA     Visual Basic for Applications
VESA     Video Electronics Standards Association
VGA     Video Graphics Array
VRML     Virtual Reality Modeling Language
WAN     Wide Area Network
WORM     Write Once Read Multiple
WWAP     World Wide Analytical Processing
WWW     World Wide Web
XGA     Extended Graphics Array
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